Wood is exceptional material that activates our senses. There is a strong connection between wood and overall comfort, health and wellbeing of building occupants. Psychological studies have shown that wood in interiors has positive influence on psychological health and wellbeing.

Products made of solid wood, especially wooden floors, are recommended for living spaces where inhabitants have dust allergies.
Presence of wood in interiors induces feelings of warmth, harmony, simplicity, balance and calmness. Due to that, interiors with wooden elements have positive influence on psychological and physical health. Research studies have shown that patients get well faster and deal with illness better if they recover in living spaces furnished with wooden elements. This happens because such environments excite positive emotions and create warm atmosphere so that patients feel like they are at home instead of being in an institution or hospital.
Living environment can reduce development and effects of stress. Due to its positive influence on emotional state of inhabitants and overall atmosphere in living spaces, presence of wood in interiors has positive effects on stress reduction and increase of productivity.


Wood helps create healthful, sustainable and inspiring environment for people to live in.