We start the design process by focusing on users, their needs, perceptions and emotions. Each design is a unique experience. Final design is balance of characteristics of material, aesthetic and functional requirements.



Selection of a wood type and shape of wood piece is one of the most important steps in the design process since material is inseparable form design. We carefully choose form, color and texture of wood pieces before we start our work on manufacturing. After all, the most subtle effects of design on human emotions come from material itself.

fabrikation 2

We try not to constrain design with fabrication. Therefore, we must go into alternative fabrication techniques. Our designs are not typical, sizes of our wood pieces are not typical, and so our fabrication can not be typical either. We experiment with machines, we invent new techniques and even we make new machines which enable us to realize our designs in wood. Yet, no no machine can produce unique pieces of our design. At the end, it is the skilful, long-lasting and persistent manual work that is responsible for most of the fabrication process.

fabrikation 3