1>2 principle
Usage of wood is ecologically favorable since wood grows by absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. However, using wood as a material has ecological and sustainability value only if a new tree is planted on the place of the cut one. While selling our products we sponsor planting of two young trees for each tree that has been cut in the production process. With such principle we ensure that our activities support sustainability of environment and reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere.
Biomass renewable energy
All biomass residuals of wood processing are used as fuel for our wood drying kiln. With that approach we ensure 100% utilization of a tree while reducing electrical energy consumption and waste.

Inspiration and Motivation

Our products are designed and produced in such a way that they inspire and motivate users to care about forests and environment. Made of solid wood and with natural design, our products bring users closer to nature and influence positive behavior towards environment. We hope to inspire care for nature and boost environmental awareness of our Clients